China’s Illegal Harvest of Falun Gong Organs

China’s Illegal Harvest of Falun Gong Organs
May 26, 2021 Comments Off on China’s Illegal Harvest of Falun Gong Organs International Affairs, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

A report by Former Canadian Asian secretary of state, David Kilgour stated that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is currently executing Falun Gong and Uighur prisoners then selling their organs to Chinese Hospitals and transplant tourists. The international community called on China to end its illegal practice of harvesting prisoners’ organs and adopt a national organ donor system. 

Organ Harvesting In China

David Kilgours’ Report and the China Tribunal found that CCP security forces are cutting out the hearts, livers, kidneys, and corneas of living Falun Gong and Uighur prisoners. The Chinese Communist Party illegally harvests 600,000 to 1 million organs annually. The Falun Gong make up at least 665 of all prisoners executed for organ harvesting. According to the Independent, the CCP authorized at least 1.5 million transplants from prisoners including kidneys and livers.

The Chinese Communist Party sells the organs harvested from prisoners to Chinese nationals, hospitals, or transplant tourists. It is estimated that the CCP makes 1 billion dollars a year off executing and harvesting organs of political prisoners in China. Chinese medical personnel promise tourists healthy organs within two weeks of arrival. Eyewitness accounts by detainees state that Chinese prison authorities regularly check the health of prisoners’ organs to ensure they have a healthy supply of organs. 

China’s Brutal Reeducation Camps

The CCP began to detain the Falun Gong in reeducation camps and approximately 450,000 to 1 million are detained annually.  Since 1999, the CCP detained an estimated 2-4 million Falun Gong, although it is impossible to know the exact number as the CCP closely guards those numbers as state secrets. These individuals serve a 1-3 years sentence but many do not make it home to see their families again.

A report by the U.S State Department, indicates that the Falun Gong account for approximately 66% of the detainees that the CCP torture in reeducation camps. The Ministry of Education uses the “government mandate workgroup” to weed out Falun Gong sympathizers and send them to reeducation camps. In the reeducation camps, Chinese security forces use torture tactics to break Falun Gong practitioners, force them to attend indoctrination classes, and force them to renounce their religion. If the reeducation camps fail to get the individual to renounce their religious beliefs, they send the individual to a labor camp. The CCP’s labor camps often work individuals to death and few individuals survive.


Investigations into the CCP’s treatment of the Falun Gong indicate that the CCP is actively targeting the Falun Gong with torture, forced labor, death, organ harvesting, and reeducation. The CCP’s treatment of Falun Gong violates the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Genocide conventions.

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