Lonestar State Leading Against Voter Fraud

Lonestar State Leading Against Voter Fraud
December 12, 2020 Comments Off on Lonestar State Leading Against Voter Fraud Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Veronica Carrillo

The irregularity of the U.S. 2020 elections left the American people, regardless of political affiliation, unsettled across the nation. Historically, this election more than any other exposed the flaws and loopholes in the current political process.

In efforts to protect election integrity, numerous bills were introduced to establish or amend voting measures in Texas. These bills are centered around various voting requirements and the validity of ballots for more secure and honest voting procedures.

The following state bills were proposed by Senator Bob Hall:

SB 1605 targets early voters and sets forth that voters must apply for an early ballot and must identify grounds of eligibility for early voting. If there is any assistance to the voter with the application (e.g. the use of a translator) they must indicate this person’s name/address. If the application was provided by a political party, political action committee (PAC), or candidate; it must be identified. To accept these ballots, signature committees will need to compare the signature on each carrier envelope, and it must match the signature on the applicable ID(s).

SB 1602 specifies assigned early voting locations to voters within their precinct and clarifies requirements for the early voting procedure.

SB 1603 focuses on the registration of a voter’s address and defines the order of address legitimacy to be as follows: driver’s license, state issue ID, gun license, a letter with a mailing address, documentation of a homestead, car registration, an affidavit from the secretary of state. The bill states that PO boxes are not a valid form of address.

As proposed by Mike Lang,  HB 3986, establishes that a person may only vote in the election precinct they reside. Voting locations may only be assigned at the direction of the authority branch office. Voting locations may be movable locations but may not change locations during the voting period. Voting machines may not be removed until a polling place is closed on election day and must be verified daily for proper voting functionality.

In regard to tabulation results, if votes were electronic there must be a paper copy at the location to accept votes. There must a paper copy to verify the tabulation of election voting results. If any voting applications are submitted through other state departments (e.g. Dept. of Public Safety) voters may need to verify citizenship. Furthermore, the bill added that a vote is void when a voter’s registration is outside of the county they voted in, they have received a voter’s death certificate, or a voter is declared mentally incapacitated.

All the bills declare any violations of the proposed voting measures create criminal offenses, increase criminal penalties, and impose a civil penalty. Ideally more representatives across the country will follow Texas’ lead to continue the fight to protect the free world.

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