Nation’s Largest Hispanic Republican Organization Endorses Ron DeSantis

Nation’s Largest Hispanic Republican Organization Endorses Ron DeSantis
November 2, 2018 No Comments » Endorsements RNHA Endorsement

“Without any doubt, Ron DeSantis is the most qualified person to run for Governor of the great state of Florida.”  -Felix Ramirez, National Committee Man of the RNHA.

He has a distinguished record of service in the military, as a federal prosecutor, and congressman. He gives hope to the people in Florida and America at large. He believes in the greatness of his State, his country and has devoted his life to public service.

When he chose Representative Jeanette Nuñez to be his running mate he demonstrated to everyone his strong commitment to diversity and the people of Florida. Under his administration, all Floridians will prosper, be safe in their homes and enjoy their God-given freedoms without interference from the government.

Ron DeSantis is committed to being tough on crime and to transparency in government that the office of Governor desperately needs. His honor and integrity give us great confidence that he will be a great governor. If you want to vote for someone who will fight corruption, lower taxes and loves the people then vote DeSantis.  The National Committee of the RNHA proudly endorse Ron DeSantis in his bid for Governor and we urge you all to stand with him this election year.


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