President Trump’s goes to War with Human Traffickers

President Trump’s goes to War with Human Traffickers
September 10, 2020 Comments Off on President Trump’s goes to War with Human Traffickers Latest, RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

In 2017, the year President Trump took his oath of office, one of the president’s top priorities consisted of the war to combat human trafficking. The Trump administration is working hard on behalf of the near 25 million human trafficking victims globally.

The horrific business of what is also known as modern-day slavery across the world is a major undercover battle in America and several other countries. The United States borders have been a hot topic of discussion among Americans, Conservatives, Republicans, and various Women’s organizations for many years. President Trump ran his campaign on the promise to protect and secure America and build the wall. The Voters knew the wall would ensure the safety of Americans and also assist the victims of these horrific crimes at the borders. The inhumane Human/Child Trafficking dilemma at the Borders has captured the attention of the White House and the hearts of the American people more than ever. President Donald Trump’s administration made a tremendous financial vow to reinforce the war on criminal activity at America’s borders. In October two thousand and nineteen, the U.S. Department of State planned to invest 75 million dollars towards the war to end Human/Child Trafficking. This is the Department of State’s largest anti-trafficking program.

America’s Immigration Customs Enforcement known as (ICE) agents, has dealt with some of the worst crimes at our nation’s borders. Human trafficking has quickly become a serious issue in America over the past decade. In two thousand and sixteen, the crimes at the borders were becoming a major issue with illegal activity. It was reported that the Obama administration had been extremely negligent to the serious illegal criminal activity at the United States borders during his time in office. Activity such as drug trafficking, along with the inhumane practice of human trafficking was at a high volume. The safety of thousands of innocent immigrant children who would come across the United States borders should have been a major priority of the American government. The report states that the Obama administration knowingly placed thousands of immigrant children with known pedophiles and human traffickers for a number of years.

America should no longer allow this type of dangerous irresponsibility to go unchecked and ignored at our nation’s borders. Placing the children in imminent danger as reported in years past should never happen to any immigrant children nor adults in a country as big and fundamentally equipped as America. The absolute injustice of corrupt situations and criminal activity of the past administrations should be deeply investigated and no longer neglected by America’s Immigration Customs Enforcement agents, the Department of Justice, and the State Department.

 The demand for justice in these circumstances has been widely overlooked by past administrations. The leaders in those years failed to address and correct the major irregularities and errors of America’s borders and illegal immigrant children. Many of the victims are smuggled across the borders and this makes it difficult for authorities to track all victims, ages, and families. The victim ages ranging from children through 17 years old and young women are a prime target. Children are commonly found to be among the violent criminals both male and female who come to our borders, some forced to travel hundreds of miles after becoming victims of abuse, rape, and being kidnapped or sold. Upon being found by agents or coming to our borders these victims are in dire need of critical medical assistance. Recently under President Trump, more laws and regulations are being strictly enforced such as the border wall and separation of children and adults in order to secure the safety of the children that are forced into these dangerous situations.

In 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement known as (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) made 1,588 Human Trafficking arrests and identified 308 victims. Of the 1,588 arrests, 1,543 were for sex trafficking violations. These crimes are in many states they cross many demographics from the richest to the poorest cities and states in America. Many of the victims can also be solicited online or in certain places such as shopping malls within cities. Human trafficking has been estimated to be a 32 billion dollar a year industry. It is vital that America starts to see many more arrests and proper justice for the abused victims of heinous crimes. Most of the predators in these cases are linked to a much bigger connection of several people known as trafficking rings. In the majority of these arrests, predators are trafficking illegal drugs & humans.

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