Bolivia Uncovers the Financials of the Sao Paulo Forum

Bolivia Uncovers the Financials of the Sao Paulo Forum
February 10, 2020 Comments Off on Bolivia Uncovers the Financials of the Sao Paulo Forum International Affairs, News Column, RNHA News Articles Juan Vega

On December 27, a diplomatic scandal erupted in Bolivia, with the governments of Spain and Mexico embarrassingly involved.  On the morning of that day, two Spanish diplomatic vehicles arrived in front of the residence of Mexico’s ambassador to Bolivia.  Six armed masked men from the Spanish special task unit, the GEOS, arrived in those cars with the apparent intention of rescuing and removing from the country two corrupt government functionaries from the disbanded administration of Evo Morales.

The mission failed miserably when the masked commando got confused and panicked as they were confronted by a small group of policemen and courageous residents.   Within hours Bolivia’s interim government, led by Jeanine Añez, released a strong statement, calling the uncovered action of Spain and Mexico an outrageous violation of Bolivia’s sovereignty.  The masked GEOS had entered the country a day earlier, using fake passports.

The first inquiries of the official investigation confirmed old allegations; That,  under the government of Morales, Bolivia’s territory was used as a bridge for criminal activity, drug trafficking, and money laundering, from leaders of the Sao Paulo Forum and the dictatorships of Cuba and  Venezuela. All indications are that these functionaries had compromising financial information, and therefore it was an urgent matter for Morales to remove them from the country before they had to testify.

The most shameful role, in this international conspiracy against Bolivia’s sovereignty, was played by the new socialist government of Spain, with Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and Podemos.  While the Spanish government and the press remained in complicit silence in the face of the diplomatic scandal, Bolivia’s government proceeded to arrest the executives of a firm called Neurona Consulting, based in Mexico. A firm supposedly expert in marketing and handling (i.e., manipulating) elections with advanced technology.  

The Bolivian government found gross anomalies in the firm’s financial management. Evo Morales paid millionaire amounts of money to this company for simply editing some videos. Neurona Consulting operated as a cover for the illegal financing to Podemos and the PSOE. It was just one of many of Evo Morales’ illicit means for laundering money sent to his left-wing friends in Spain.

Faced with the mutism of the Spanish socialists  Sánchez and Iglesias, caught red-handed, it was the opposition right-wing party Vox that had the dignity and political height of sending a delegation to Bolivia to present an apology on behalf of the Spanish people, and request information about the ongoing investigation. In the very words of Vox’s representatives, the information provided by the Bolivian government “left them shocked.”

The case of Neurona Consulting is just the tip of the iceberg of the criminal association among the Sao Paulo Forum leaders. Senior officers of the Bolivian army, like Colonel German Cardona, have denounced that military air tracks were used for drug trafficking activities. Continuous flights from Colombia, from the planting and processing areas of cocaine, dominated by the leftist guerrillas, landed in Bolivia regularly. Marxism and drug trafficking, an atrocious mixture that has given financial power to the “Castrochavismo,” as it is called and denounced by the renowned Venezuelan lawyer and political scientist Carlos Sánchez Berzain.

The civic struggle in Bolivia has uncovered a stinking sewer.  Not just because of drug trafficking and money laundering, but for corruption and human trafficking. The fraud of the “Cuban doctors” brigades, with forged licenses sent to Bolivia, Venezuela and other countries, is already being investigated. The Castroist regime has used this fraud for decades to prestige itself to the world and as an illicit source of foreign exchange. Rampant prostitution in Cuba (the “jineteras”) is another social calamity of the misery prevailing on the island, which the dictatorship uses as a tourist attraction and a source of foreign exchange.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan people ruined and plunged into misery learn that all the wealth of their oil has gone to Cuba, given away in exchange for weapons and militias for the personal protection of Nicolas Maduro. Totalitarian dictatorships like Iran and China are making great use of the corruption of these gangs in power. Putin’s Russia also supports criminal Castrochavismo.

Thus, in a very hostile political environment, the people of Bolivia are preparing for their next elections in March, and the journey will be arduous. The apprentice of the dictator, Evo Morales, still threatens to return to Bolivia with armed groups and backed by the Sao Paulo Forum and the scoundrel socialists of Spain, who must now return the favor to Morales for the illicit money sent to win the elections. Due to this hostile climate of provocations Bolivia just broke diplomatic relations with Cuba.

It should be remembered that although Morales fled the country in November 2019, after his outrageous electoral fraud, the judiciary and other government institutions are still controlled or influenced by officials loyal to him. The organization Movement to Socialism (MAS) created by Morales promotes violence within Bolivia, and many political exiles do not yet dare to return to the country for fear of reprisals.  Bolivians have suffered countless cases of intimidation, murder and rape of women in recent weeks that the media does not report for their complicity with Morales.

The commitment of Jeanine Añez’s interim government is to ensure clean elections. The democratic nations of Latin America, the Lima Group, and the American working people must give full support to this admirable Andean nation in its struggle to restore democracy and enforce its sovereignty.

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