Critical Race Theory is a threat to Latinos!

Critical Race Theory is a threat to Latinos!
June 22, 2021 Comments Off on Critical Race Theory is a threat to Latinos! Local Politics, Op-Ed, RNHA News Articles Dennison Rivera

Why Latinos must stay clear from CRT

HELENA – Meanwhile, President Biden pushes to spread Critical Race Theory across the nation, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen issued an “Attorney General’s Opinion” (AGO). His stance holds the use of CRT and “antiracism” programming as discrimination and concludes that it violates federal and state law.

The importance behind the opinion of an Attorney General is that it carries the weight of the law. Meaning, his opinion is what dictates law on the behest of public agencies or officials to settle disputes.

Thankfully, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Elsie Arntzen, raised this issue and asked the AG to weigh this matter.

Though I applaud my state of Montana, I’m left worried about the rest of the nation and how this affects specifically Latinos. Why? Because we aren’t a race but rather an ethnicity that will be divided and lead to prejudices by CRT.

Latinos mean that we originate from Latin America, but that does not identify our race. Think about it, have you ever signed paperwork and the doctor’s office and noticed that under race, that Hispanic and/or Latino isn’t listed. In fact, we are only listed under ethnicity. While Hispanic only means that we have Spanish-speaking origins. 

It’s in the name that critical RACE theory is about race. The basic concept behind critical race theory is that racism is a social construct and embedded in our legal systems and policies. In other words, this is where they teach students about white supremacy, privilege walks, appropriation, white guilt, etc.

When applied, this is where students or employees are asked to be “less white,” but what does that mean to Latinos?

We aren’t considered a race because Latinos literally consist of all color skin there is.

I have met Asians, Indians, and Black people born and raised in Colombia or Venezuela who have the same accent, mannerism, and culture as any other Latino. If you asked them where they are from, they would tell you they are Colombian—nothing else.

So when I see the objective of critical race theory is to paint out “white” people as racist just because they have white skin is offensive.

“White people” are a subjective term. My dad is 100% Colombian, speaks more Spanish than English, has blonde hair, green eyes, and white skin. He doesn’t consider himself white. However, under CRT, he would be segregated and labeled a racist solely on his skin color. I’m sure leftist liberals would change their tune as soon as they heard his accent and realize he is Latino but doesn’t that prove my point?

It has never occurred to me that I may be half white, or whatever that means. My brother got the green eyes and skin, but why should that matter? Are my brother and father inherently racist because of their skin color?

Then I think about my friends who are Latino but look like any other white American. Why should they be persecuted because of the color of their skin?

Latinos listen up. Critical race theory is a double standard. They are perpetrators of racism when they target white students or employees with a program to mitigate their “whiteness.”

This could be your mother, father, brother, friend, or partner who will be prosecuted for the color of their skin and not on their character.

Look at our community. Why is it that in Colombia, everyone identifies as just COLOMBIAN without needing to identify their race?

Only in America do you find that racism is rampant because they insist you must live according to your skin color. 

The Latino community is a mixed community. The Latin music alone proves how we love to dance to the mix between the flutes from the indigenous native tribes in South American and African beats.

Being Latino is an origin and a cultural kinship despite our race. My skin color doesn’t determine who I am, but my culture does. And that culture is manifested by our actions. What we do, defines us. 

Here is our chance to define our culture here and now as Americans. This is our moment. We must all be in one accord, with one voice, and reject critical race theory in our schools and workplaces.

White people, whether they have Latin roots or not, are our people too.

The hatred behind Critical Race Theory has no place among us.

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Dennison Rivera Dennison Rivera is a small business owner, marketing entrepreneur, Chairman of Lewis & Clark Young Republicans, LCCRCC Precinct Captain & former Montana Legislature Republican Candidate. Born in Houston, TX, and a first-generation American from a Colombian/Honduran family. His wife is also Colombian, and they live in Montana, the Treasure State. Rivera is heavily involved in city politics, where he motivates the community to get more involved and be informed. Rivera is passionate about helping those in need, whether it’s helping businesses with their marketing or making a difference in the community. Rivera is confident, outgoing, and direct. He speaks his mind and bluntly calls things out as he sees them. Rivera is honored to have grown up with the freedoms and opportunities this great nation provides. He recognizes that to preserve these liberties and ensure our American culture; we must speak up and exercise our freedom of speech.
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