Democrats say Vote Like A “Madre”

Democrats say Vote Like A “Madre”
October 3, 2022 Comments Off on Democrats say Vote Like A “Madre” RNHA News Articles Jennifer Barreto-Leyva

Democrats are really desperate after watching in a very graphic way, how they are losing the Hispanic vote, and the power over us, a so-called minority.

Currently, there are Hispanics in every corner of the country running after positions in Congress, Mayors, Governors, Boards and the list goes on.

Hispanics are right now, the big force that is turning upside down the political panorama of the country, bringing decency back and this couldn’t make me any prouder. 

When a felon is desperate, expect anything from everyone, a rule the communists teaches me a long time ago.

The Democrats have been using every possible tactic to convince the masses they are the party people should keep voting and choose for, despite the long list of facts and pieces of evidence, that indicates no one should trust them and even more, put the destiny of the nation on their hands.

They recently revive the project “Vote like a madre”, this project was created back on 2020 using Hispanic celebrities like Jennifer López, Eva Longoria, Erika De La Vega, María Elena Salinas, Roselyn Sánchez, and Salma Hayek, just to name a few, as the promoters and spokespersons of it. And yes, men are involved in this too, Lin Manuel-Miranda has been promoting this. 

I guess since now, according to every delusional individual on earth, men can get pregnant too, why not make them part of this?

Wokelyhood much?

The tricky thing with this project is, that they never would openly say are looking forward to the Hispanic vote, nor that the people behind the project are the Democrat party.

Yet, there are only three types of people you will find in their events or promoting this is:

1.- Hispanic celebrities and journalists

2.- Hispanic influencers with a large fan base

3.- Hispanic celebrities, journalists, or influencers with integrity and a strong reputation

They claim this project encourages Latinas to vote like mothers (like a madre) and give their votes to candidates committed to “fight climate change”. According to them, it is the topic you should really care about and be concerned about right now.

Every parent that I have talked to, or read on social media, right now is concerned about inflation, trying to not co-parent with the government, and last but not least, the aggressive indoctrination our kids are experiencing.

Democrats are using their old ways, as the left has always done. They are creating a problem, to cover another problem they created previously. This tactic has been used in politics since ancient times.

The “Vote like a madre” project is serious and coherent. In order to promote it, they are reaching women of any of the three groups previously described, and asking them to share on social media a photo or a video with a manicure related to voting and do a pinky promise for the sake of

children in their life. They offer every mom $250 for the post and the approach is through marketing agencies.

Don´t feel bad. I’m crying out of laughter too.

This is not different at all, from what Hugo Chavez did back in the day, pre-paying low-income people in order to have a massive audience for his speeches.

The Democrat party has promised at least since 1986 they will solve the immigration issues of the country. Election after election, they fool especially Hispanics to have their vote, over and over again. The only one that did something was Ronald Reagan.

They manipulated, brainwashed, fooled, and trick us for decades, but no more.

Hispanics are changing now for good, the destiny of the country that gave us freedom, security, and the possibility of a future. You may wonder, how do I know all of this?

Well, I was reached by them not one, but three times. I am part of the third group previously named.

The first time they ask me to join for free, they promise me this will give me visibility (like I need it or want it). The second time, they offered me a “cool t-shirt” and a coffee mug, right from the hands of Joseph Biden himself, and now they had offered money.

No matter what they do, they can’t stop the Latino power and our strong convictions.

We are voting for law, order, family, life, freedom, and faith.


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Jennifer Barreto-Leyva Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is an attorney, journalist, and writer born and based in Venezuela, raised in Puerto Rico. Pro-life activist. Former Fox News correspondent. President of Club de los Viernes chapter Venezuela, General coordinator of Mujeres en libertad. She is part of the editorial national board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. TV and radio host. Former Venezuelan ambassador at the Britts Global organization in the United Nations. Politics analyst in Radio Oasis in Florida and in CTV Barranquilla in Colombia. Opinion columnist in El Político, President of The Ladies Coalition. Founder of the platform El dato político.