Facebook’s Algorithm Suppresses Conservative Content

Facebook’s Algorithm Suppresses Conservative Content
August 27, 2019 No Comments » Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Monica Yelin

Have you ever heard of Facebook curators, internet neutrality, censorship, algorithms?  You are probably wondering what all the above means? You are not alone, these and more happen behind scenes. It is nothing social media users can do about it and many including me have no idea how it works.

It is not a secret that conservatives have been targets of media censorship by main social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook among others.  Yes Facebook, let’s talk about Facebook. Many find themselves at odds when trying to post something favorable to President Trump, Conservative candidates or topics. Conservatives are placed on Facebook jail, de-platformed or have their posts removed without explanation for “violating” community guidelines.

Furthermore, Conservatives have been subjected to bullying, and attacks that go unnoticed by Facebook and Twitter. Even posts that if published that clearly violate “community standards” when published by liberals go unpunished. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly denied censoring Conservatives online. A Gizmodo article Investigative journalist Michael Nuñez  who after speaking to what he calls whistle-blowers  wrote

“ Facebook workers known internally as news curators routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservatives readers and that curators have access to a ranked list of trending topics surfaced by Facebook’s algorithm, which prioritizes the stories that should be shown to Facebook users in the trending section”

According to the article Facebook employees routinely use the Facebook algorithm to suppress content that would be of interest to Conservatives. While at the same time Facebook is actively elevating liberal content as part of its campaign to keep President Trump from getting reelected in 2020. Lexit published a video to Facebook with a number of Hispanic Conservatives expressing support for President Trump. Facebook Algorithm flogged this as Fake News. Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are trying to keep you from seeing the Truth.

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Monica Yelin Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Monica Yelin is a lifelong conservative and passionate supporter of the Republican Platform. Eager to explore new opportunities, Monica immigrated to the United States in 1998 with a J-1 Work Visa, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and unbridled ambition. Since then, Monica received her Master’s degree in International Relations and Political Science, currently serves as one of the commissioners for Preventing Domestic Violence in AZ, is a Member at Large for the Maricopa County GOP and is the former Director of Strategic Initiatives for the AZ Republican Party. Her views do not reflect the opinions of her employers.

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