RNHA Interviews Pastor Juan Rivera

RNHA Interviews Pastor Juan Rivera
March 25, 2020 Comments Off on RNHA Interviews Pastor Juan Rivera RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

I had the pleasure of interviewing Pastor Juan Rivera from the Lamb’s Agenda Movement today. We talked about the movement and various issues in U.S politics today.

What is the Lamb of God Agenda?

The Lamb’s Agenda is a non-political and Christian group that addresses issues from a Christ-centered perspective. This is not the agenda of the Donkey or the Elephant. This is the Agenda of the Lamb, our agenda is that of our Lord Jesus Christ. This approach allows us to have a seat at the table to support the Lambs Agenda regardless of who is in power.

Why Should the United States Support Israel?

Israel stands alone in the international stage as a democratic nation in a part of the world where democracy is not policy. Thugs, theocrats and fascists regimes rule the Middle East. There is no greater ally of the United States of America and Democracy in that region than Israel. We need to support Israel and Jewish people around the world.

What is one of those religious reasons to stand with Isreal?

Evangelicals and Christian Dynamism are shifting and Christianity is becoming more dominant. The good signs that we are seeing are that they are adopting doctrine and theology that is moving way from transference. God’s covenant was with Abraham, the people of Israel, and the nation and the family that blesses Isreal.

The promises that God made to Israel are to Israel. The Bible calls them the apple of his eye. Beyond that, you can look. Revelations and he is called the lion of the tribe of Judah. He is good and still a Jew. Growing up my heroes were Joshua, David, and Moses. Why should Christians stand with Israel because we want to be on God’s side.

What advice do you have for young Christians who are being pressed by false doctrine coming from the pulpit?

This is not new. In terms of culture to pressure a believe in to do. In history those who stood instead of bowing. It reminds me and I think of Daniel and his three young friends. They had a choice to stand for God and be killed or to bow to the idol and live. That is the choice we face today a culture of idolatry and God. There is are demands on worship and who we will worship. Stay the course and stay true to the Biblical Values. God does not change his character. As culture changes are we going to change with culture. Now the good news is that one of the hallmarks of Christianity in the Hispanic community is that our views are conservative not from a political standpoint but from a Biblical one. You stand. Worship God and no one else. 

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