The Tears of Carolina Cox

The Tears of Carolina Cox
April 15, 2020 Comments Off on The Tears of Carolina Cox Latest, News Column, RNHA News Articles Juan Vega

Carolina Cox is a well-known Chilean actress and left-wing activist who, along with 290 other compatriots, are stranded in Cuba due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With eyes on the brink of tears, the actress posted a video on March 30 where she bitterly complains about the terrible conditions and the unhealthy “mice-infested” hotel where the Castroist dictatorship quarantined them. Cox ends her video demanding a plane from the Chilean government to rescue them immediately.

The video went viral and people across Latin America and the United States flooded the networks with sarcastic criticism and comments against her. The reason is that Carolina Cox is a fervent admirer of socialism and the Castroist dictatorship. In recent months she encouraged violent protests called “Chile Awakened!” that set the country on fire and paralyzed its economy. In October the capital’s subway was burned, and the streets are taken by left-wing activists who destroyed businesses and beat people down demanding to end capitalism and embrace the Cuban system of socialism.

Carolina Cox’s video was joined by those of other Argentine and Mexican tourists asking for urgent help to be rescued from Cuba. It is estimated that there were about 25,000 tourists on the island at the time of the closure of the air service. In addition to overcrowding and mice, tourists complained that there was no soap or toilet paper, faulty air conditioning and food was scarce. The daily rent of the hotel and what little it had sold them at the gold price.  They also complained that none of them had been tested for the Covid-19 virus by medical staff.

The sarcasm and anger, especially by the Cuban community in exile towards these leftist tourists trapped in the “socialist paradise”, are more than justified. And it is that these left-wing tourists, like Carolina Cox, lived in a few weeks a small sample of the misery and degradation that the Cuban people have lived and endured in the island for 61 years under communist tyranny. A small sample because the Cuban people don’t have the money to rent a hotel room and can’t ask for a plane to rescue them. That is why Carolina’s tears and her dramatic rescue call was for many a mere act of divine justice; A spoonful of your own medicine, my child!!

It should be remembered that tourism in Cuba is mainly ideological tourism, promoted among people on the left to visit the Mecca of socialism in America. Tourism is, together with drug trafficking and human trafficking, one of the current financial pillars that holds Castroist tyranny in a thread. Hotels, casinos, auditoriums, city districts and hospitals are equipped to impress tourism and hide the reality of a people in the bones, which have to make long lines to receive some chicken, bred and beans with which they must survive the month.

Carolina Cox’s pitiful video, as well as those of other leftists terrified of living communism for a few weeks in their own flesh, should be a call of reflection for many young people who honestly want to fight for a better world. How is it possible that a few weeks without soap or bath paper cause these red communists to break down and ask their “repressive” governments for help to return to their capitalist country? Clowns like Carolina Cox and Bernie Sanders must be recognized for what they are: False prophets who demand the people sacrifices that they themselves are unwilling to endure.

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