Violations Against Women’s Rights in Germany

Violations Against Women’s Rights in Germany
March 5, 2020 Comments Off on Violations Against Women’s Rights in Germany International Affairs, RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

Recently International awareness of Women’s Rights violations has become a topic of discussion. The number of human rights violations has increased among various nations. In 2015 at the University of Maastiricht, Germany discovered 1,800 violations of human rights. About 87 of these have been traced to German companies.

Domestic violence against women is the number one human rights violation in Germany. According to Deutsche Welle, every five minutes a woman was reported to be stalked, threatened, put under psychological pressure, beaten, sexually coerced, or raped. The German Federal Criminal Office that abusers are husbands, domestic partners or male family members whose ages ranged from 30 to 39 years old. Often the abusers lived at home and alcohol was involved.

The number of identified victims went from 121,000 in 2013 to 140,000 in 2017. Only 20% of the victims report seeking help from authorities. One woman is killed by a lover or husband every three days. Germany is investing 40 million dollars in state fund programs to help the victims of domestic violence this year.

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