President Trump Prioritizes the American People Amid Impeachment

President Trump Prioritizes the American People Amid Impeachment
December 19, 2019 Comments Off on President Trump Prioritizes the American People Amid Impeachment Press Releases, RNHA News Articles, White House RNHA NEWS

Democrats have failed the country by prioritizing their impeachment obsession over helping Americans.

UNPARALLELED OBSESSION: Democrats have not addressed the issues facing the nation, focusing instead on their impeachment charade.

·  Democrats continue to focus on overturning the results of the 2016 election instead of the American people.

·  In ramming through their impeachment sham with no Republican support, Democrats have established a new level of blatant partisan politics.

·  To this day, the Democrats have failed to demonstrate how President Trump committed any wrongdoing.

·  Democrats’ claims of abuse of power and obstruction are absurd and completely baseless.

·  The inescapable facts are that Ukraine received the security assistance without giving anything in return and that President Trump has been completely transparent.

·  Democrats should be ashamed of how their continued pursuit of undoing the 2016 election is making a mockery of our American democracy and the will of the people.

Meanwhile, President Trump has been winning for all Americans by making our country safer and more prosperous.

PROMOTING ECONOMIC PROSPERITY: President Trump’s policies have continued to generate an economic resurgence and create more opportunities for Americans across the nation.

·  Job growth continues to smash expectations, plummeting the unemployment rate to the lowest level in 50 years.

·  American workers continue to see larger paychecks – with year-over-year wage gains at 3% or higher for each of the past 16 months.

· All major indexes – the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ have reached record highs in the past few weeks.

NEGOTIATING FAIRER TRADE DEALS: President Trump continues to negotiate and make progress on historic trade deals for America.

·  President Trump announced a historic phase one trade agreement with China that achieves progress on a number of critical reforms and is fully enforceable.

·  NAFTA is close to finally being replaced with the far superior USMCA – the largest and most comprehensive trade agreement in history.

· President Trump signed two new agreements with Japan on trade, strengthening digital trade and boosting agricultural exports.

HISTORIC RESHAPING OF THE COURTS: President Trump and Senate Republicans have worked together to appoint and confirm a historic number of Federal judges.

·  President Trump has transformed the Federal judiciary: one-in-four Circuit Court judges have now been appointed by President Trump.

DESTROYING THE CALIPHATE: President Trump defeated the ISIS’ caliphate and brought their leader to swift justice.

·  The United States launched a successful operation to eliminate the most wanted terrorist in the world, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

COMBATING ANTI-SEMITISM: President Trump continues to take action to protect religious communities from persecution.

·  The President signed an executive order to further combat the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States.

PUTTING AMERICAN FAMILIES FIRST: The President has made progress in his work to improve access to high-quality child care and support working families.

·  The Administration recently released its principles for increasing access to affordable, high-quality child care in America.

· The President also negotiated and secured paid parental leave for Federal workers as a part of this year’s National Defense Authorization Act.

CREATING A FAIRER JUSTICE SYSTEM AND A SAFER AMERICA: President Trump continues to protect our communities through smart on crime policies.

·  Through a new commission, the President is ensuring our brave law enforcement officers have the proper tools to protect American lives. 

·  President Trump spoke about the need to continue building on criminal justice reforms at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum in South Carolina. 

·  The President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons released a new report describing the Administration’s progress combating human trafficking.

·  President Trump signed an executive order establishing a task force for missing and murdered American Indian and Alaska natives.

HISTORIC DEREGULATION: The President has continued his historic initiative to cut burdensome regulations.

·  President Trump launched a new Governors’ Initiative on Regulatory Innovation to help bring our historic deregulation efforts to the state and local level. 

·   President Trump signed two executive orders to improve the transparency of agencies and hold them accountable.

INCREASING HEALTHCARE TRANSPARENCY: President Trump is improving our healthcare system to empower patients and expand their choices.

·  The Trump Administration has finalized a rule to require hospitals to make prices publicly available online.

· The President took action to require insurers to provide cost estimates to enrollees in advance of care. 

RESTORING AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: President Trump is leading America on the world stage and advancing our interests.

·  On the very same day Speaker Pelosi announced the launch of this impeachment sham, President Trump was at the UN General Assembly laying out his vision for a future of nations that empowers our citizens, respects our sovereignty, and protects our freedom.

· The President traveled to the United Kingdom to meet with NATO leaders and promote improvements within the alliance.

· President Trump hosted bilateral meetings at the White House with leaders from around the world in order to advance American interests.

HONORING OUR HEROES: President Trump has honored our nation’s incredible veterans.

· President Trump became the first sitting President to attend the New York City Veterans Day parade.

·  The President made a surprise visit to our troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving.

· The President hosted a military working dog, Conan, at the White House.

UNLEASHING AMERICAN ENERGY: President Trump’s policies are ushering in a new era of American energy dominance.

·  The President highlighted his efforts to unleash American energy dominance at the 2019 Shale Insight Conference in Pennsylvania.

CONFRONTING THE OPIOID CRISIS: President Trump has worked diligently to combat the crisis that has taken hold in so many of our nation’s communities.

·  President Trump launched to help Americans struggling with addiction access to the treatment they need.  

·  The Trump Administration announced 150 new grants to boost community efforts to help prevent youth substance use.

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