George H.W. Bush, Hispanics & Trump

George H.W. Bush, Hispanics & Trump
December 5, 2018 No Comments » History, Latest, RNHA News Articles RNHA NEWS

Today we regret to inform you all that President George H.W Bush, founder of the RNHA has passed away. George Bush and Ronald Reagan saw the value of reaching out to the Hispanic community and founded the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

President George H.W Bush said in a speech to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly that he believes that Republicans would be popular among Hispanics because they have a good and sound message. He said this “The day we as Republicans turn our backs on the Hispanic-American communities is the day we do not deserve to be in office.” George H. W Bush’s message was a positive message to the Hispanic people in the United States of America. He knew at heart Hispanics have strong conservative values and did not know it yet.

George H.W Bush expanded Ronald Reagan’s 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act in the Immigration Act of 1990 putting millions of immigrants on the path to full integration into American society. The question on the mind of every Conservative Hispanic in the nation is will Trump continue to His support of the Hispanic community? Trump is already showing great support for the Hispanic community through his no-tolerance illegal immigration policies. The drugs and violence brought into the United States of America by the cartels, disproportionately affect the Hispanic community. Hispanic and Black unemployment is the lowest they have been in years. Trump’s policies benefit the Hispanic community and the nation.

The RNHA is thankful to the Trump administration for its continued support to preserve the legacy of our late President George H.W. Bush.  Let’s work together to get the Conservative message out to the Hispanic community and free them from the Democratic plantation.

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