The Untold Story of MS-13

The Untold Story of MS-13
November 18, 2018 No Comments » History, International Affairs, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

MS-13 is an emerging Salvadoran street gang that is affiliated with the notorious Sinaloa Cartel. In 1980, MS-13 emerged in Los Angles as refugees from El Salvador and settled in the ghettos control by the Mexican Cartels. As the gang violence soared in the 1990s the Clinton administration fast-tracked deportations for 20,000 Central Americans convicted of crimes in the United States of America. The influx of the deported Central Americans to their countries caused MS-13 to spread through Central America. There are at least 50,000 MS-13, active members, in 46 states in the Union. MS-13 is among the most brutal street gangs in the U.S and has control over human trafficking in the Guatemalan-Mexican border.

MS-13 Brutality and Criminal Organization

MS-13 forces women into prostitution and abducts young boys as new recruits for their organization. There are two different types of institutions that MS 13 uses to induct its members. Senior MS-13 members jump men into the gang and on rare occasions jumps women into their gang. Typically, women are sexed into the MS-13 and not always by choice. In El Salvador, MS-13 is known for making women choose between murder and rape.

MS-13 brutally murdered Brenda Paz a former gang member who talked to the police. She was four months pregnant when MS-13 had her “friends” stab her to death on a camping trip. One of Brenda’s friends told 60 minutes that she routinely witnessed MS-13 gang rape young women. MS-13 jumped Brenda Paz into the gang at the age of 13 and she became the “girlfriend” of one of the local MS-13 leaders. Venus Romero, the girlfriend of an MS-13 member, tortured and murdered a 15-year-old, Reyes Rivas while recording it. During the Obama administration, U.S authorities uncovered nine child prostitution rings ran by MS-13. MS-13 is a violent, dangerous street gang that routinely rapes, tortures, and murders individuals.

Central America Destablizied by Clinton’s Mass Deportations

When Bill Clinton deported 20,000 criminals to war-weary Central America, he destabilized the entire region, which led to the rise in violence that is driving migrants to the United States of America. MS-13 is profiting off the open-border policies that allow their sex-trafficking rings to prosper. ICE and the Border Patrol are the only line of defense that this nation has against MS-13 and the Cartels. The Democrats want to abolish ICE and the Border patrol, thus allowing human traffickers like MS-13 complete access to the United States of America.

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