An Interview with Kelli Ward

An Interview with Kelli Ward
July 20, 2019 No Comments » Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Monica Yelin

Our very own Monica Yelin interviewed Kelli Ward about major conservative issues facing Arizona’s conservative movement. Keil Ward is the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.

Q. AZ is booming thanks to our conservative leaders. We need to keep it that way. Your thoughts?

A.  Arizona and our party are always strongest when our leaders and candidates put forth policies and ideas that support the individual, free markets, and the rule of law. Arizona is blessed to be ranked the most pro-life state in the country, our Republican congressional delegation rivals that of any other state, and our governor and the state legislature are united in their pursuit of pro-growth policies that will make our state competitive on a national and global scale.

Q. The AZ GOP is growing, and it is a very inclusive party. Please elaborate.

A.Because Republicans are by nature inclusive people. We believe that all Americans should have an opportunity to live out the American dream. And what is the American dream? Historian James Truslow Adams said it best: “A dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.” Equality of opportunity – that is the American dream.

Q. AZ is key for the 2020 election. What are your thoughts?

A. We are all working toward a common goal ahead of 2020: Delivering Arizona’s 11 electoral votes to President Trump, making sure Sen. McSally wins her Senate race, and electing Republicans all the way down-ballot. Republicans can win in Arizona – and win the big league – but it’s going to require us choosing smart leaders, electing bold candidates, and embracing the platform that Republicans ran and won on in 2016. If we do these things, Arizona’s future will be bright.

Q.Congrats on being elected as the Republican party of AZ chairman. Maybe you can talk about new things happening such as The Trump Committeemen, Reagan Circle, digital donations, PC recruitment, etc, etc

A. We have set up several new programs for people to get involved with the Republican Party of Arizona. The Trump Committee program is the first of its kind – Arizona is the first state in the nation to create such an initiative. As a “Trump Committeeman,” you will serve as one of our foot soldiers on the ground in our effort to re-elect President Trump in 2020. If your passion is supporting the President, then this program is the one for you. We also have launched a Reagan Circle Club, which is a mid-to-high level donor club. As a member of the Reagan Circle, you will hear from inspiring conservative speakers and become a part of a key group of Republican influencers in our party. More information for both initiatives can be found on our website at

Q. You have a message of unity, tell us about it. 

A. Our party’s policies lift people out of poverty and make government work for the people, not the other way around. Our values are faith, family, and freedom. Most of all, though, it is our deep love for this country that truly binds us together as Republicans. When we put aside our petty differences and remember that we are ultimately fighting the same battle against a corrosive and destructive political ideology – socialism – that wants to reverse or destroy all that we love, achieving unity is an easy task.

Q. Please tell us about border security and illegal immigration living in Arizona. 

A. We must secure our borders. Without borders, a country ceases to exist. It is not inhumane or unusual to want to enforce our laws and ensure safety and security for our citizens. We must reform our legal immigration system to work in the 21st century, but not at the expense of law-abiding American workers. The government’s highest purpose is to protect its citizens, and it can’t do that if it isn’t able to properly vet who is entering our country illegally.

Q. Do You Support for President Trump?

A. Then-candidate Donald Trump made a lot of promises about how he would combat these issues, and he has not disappointed in following through on those promises in the years since. Since his election, Arizona has added 170,600 jobs, including 13,800 manufacturing jobs, and has seen its unemployment rate drop from 5.2 percent to 4.9 percent. More than 868,000 Arizonans have come off food stamps. He is fulfilling his promise to build a border wall, crackdown on illegal immigration, and modernize and reform our broken system. Under his watch, our judicial system is full of brilliant jurists who respect the Constitution instead of legislating from the bench. With President Trump in the White House, the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. I am proud to support this president and will wholeheartedly support him again in 2020.

About The Author
Monica Yelin Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Monica Yelin is a lifelong conservative and passionate supporter of the Republican Platform. Eager to explore new opportunities, Monica immigrated to the United States in 1998 with a J-1 Work Visa, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and unbridled ambition. Since then, Monica received her Master’s degree in International Relations and Political Science, currently serves as one of the commissioners for Preventing Domestic Violence in AZ, is a Member at Large for the Maricopa County GOP and is the former Director of Strategic Initiatives for the AZ Republican Party. Her views do not reflect the opinions of her employers.

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