The Inland Empire Welcomes Top Conservative Speakers

The Inland Empire Welcomes Top Conservative Speakers
May 13, 2019 No Comments » Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

On the weekend of April 28th, thousands of California Conservatives gathered together for the Sixth Annual UNITE Inland Empire Conservative Conference of 2019 held at the Ontario Airport DoubleTree Hotel. The event was hosted by AM590 The Answer and The UNITE IE COALITION. The conference was held in the Empire Ballroom and filled with many Conservative organizations and various Pro-American businesses from all over California as well as highly regarded Conservative speakers. The speakers boldly took the stage talking about the intense issues all Californians face as Conservatives in a majority blue state. The host and hostess for the evening were Jennifer Horn and Don Dix from the Jen and Don Show of AM590. Conservative Speakers such as Tomi Lahren of Fox News, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, and Brandon Straka of the #WalkAway Campaign along with best selling author and Los Angeles talk radio host Larry Elder is known as “The Sage From South Central” and Rebecca Friedrichs former teacher, founder of For Kids and Country and author of “Standing Up to Goliath” ignited the crowd addressing the various issues to focus on and policies that needed exposure for the 2020 elections. Tomi Lahren  News contributor took the stage first rallying the crowd with the excitement of preparing for the 2020 elections. She covered many issues California faces such as immigration reform, securing the southern borders and massive homelessness and dangerous policies as well as the rise of crime in Nancy Pelosi’s district of San Francisco and within the city of Los Angeles. California has many challenges as the 2020 Elections approach it is clear that strategy and organization are essential starting now.

Charlie Kirk founder of Turning Point USA which travels through America visiting all types of events, colleges, and universities speaking to the younger generation about the Conservative issues they should learn about and stand up for in America. Charlie reminded citizens that our Christian Conservative foundation in America correlates with the U.S Constitution and needs to be restored. He also spoke of how the future of America will be in the younger Conservatives of the next generation’s hands. Larry Elder best-selling author and radio talk show host is known as “The Sage of South Central” shared a great inspiring story taken from his book “Dear Father, Dear Son” of his childhood and upbringing that helped shape and grow him into the wise, strong, hard-working, Conservative American he is today.

Larry stated that there are 20 primary source news networks and 2 of them are Conservative this is a big challenge Conservatives battle. Larry knows the issues that the voters in Californians have to deal with and he has many solutions and ideas for change. Later in the day, Brandon Straka former Democrat and founder of the #WalkAway Campaign was there to represent the Conservative LGBTQ community and former Democrats who support President Trump on Conservative issues that matter to Americans. Brandon was interviewed by Tomi Lahren about the important issues Americans face today and the bias and hatred of the Left they are fleeing from within their community. The #WalkAway Campaign movement is growing and has been recognized by the President on Twitter. The education issue of Common Core in American schools and Teachers rights also came up and former teacher of 27 years and Founder of For Kids and Country as well as the author of “Standing Up to Goliath” Rebecca Friedrich informed the citizens that most Left groups have been supported and organized by the Teacher Unions in America. Rebecca stated that Planned Parenthood has infiltrated our Elementary schools and is abusing the education system in our states to push dangerous Leftist political ideologies.

These ideologies include Anti American propaganda and perversion of Sexual education in America’s schools and parents and teachers must act to protect the children and bring back our Christian heritage and foundation. The Pastor’s Panel concluded the evening with some of the Inland Empire’s very own Pastors who participated in a question panel about the church’s role in America. Pastors of Calvary Chapel Jack Hibbs of Chino Hills, Pastor and Politician Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks and Pastor Tim Thompson of 4/12 Church in Murrieta, California spoke of the responsibilities of churches to help better America’s communities and cities in many areas. Christians are a majority in California and many are not registered to vote and in 2016 elections many who are registered still did not get to the polls to vote. The Pastors reminded the citizens of their civic duties and how Conservatives and Christians everywhere need to unite, to bring California back to the principles and policies that help to retain our Constitutional Republic in America. California Christians and Conservatives were fired up, energized and well informed at the close of the event and now much more prepared for the 2020 elections next November.

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Rosanna Gonzales Rosanna Gonzales is a Hispanic American Christian woman she grew up in San Bernardino, California. Mother of 5 beautiful children. A passionate advocate and activist for homeschooling, Pro-Life movement, and America. Constitutional Conservative Patriot and Business Owner. She attended The Rock Bible College. Gonzales has worked with children and young people as a Sunday school teacher for five years, Youth and College Leader for ten years with Calvary Chapel churches. Member of California GOP, Member of American Center for Law and Justice, Former Member of Home school Legal Defense Association, Member of California State PTA. California State Lead of MAGA Girls. She loves writing, studying the Bible and politics. If you enjoyed the article and would like to see more, become a member or donate to the RNHA today! The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a not for profit organization. We are an independent media institution funded by small donors. We depend on you to continue to produce quality content.

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